Terms & Conditions

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we are Customtravels

Agreement between Travel agency and Client
Before you start to use the website please read these terms and conditions carefully and sincerely.
By using this website, including submission of a request for travel prices through the Site, by calling our number, or requesting for a call back.
If you do not agree, please avoid doing from using our website and leave directly.
please do not give your personal information to any one.
you may also don't provide any of your bank login or any way to enter in your account to any third party services.
Normally we offer very cheap flights to group bookings, but in case if your number of passengers are reducing after deposit your individual fares may be get higher.
Travel Information
Our website contains information about travel.
This information contains summer vacation packages, Group packages and individual regular clients,who use to travel every month you need to understand the legal requirements that are related to travel.
Payment Method
Payments can be made by direct transfer in our company account or you can either pay by debit/Credit card.
by paying through Debit/Credit card or Account transfer you agree that you are authorized to do so,and the credit/debit card and account owner name is correct during the online booking procedure.
Changing in plan
if you want to change your plan, like changing of travel dates or adding of extra luggage or boosting number of passengers than you need to inform us before 48 hours your flight, and pay us full amount either its a fee for luggage or changing dates or its a fare for ticket for new passenger.Change in traveler or change in airline is not allowable.
Cancellations and Refund
if you want to cancel your flight after issuance of ticket , your amount will refund to you according to the airlines policy and you will get a email from company.
deposit is non refundable in all cases. ticket will be issued after receiving deposit.
every time you need to inform us before 48 hours of your flight.
For Complaint
We apologize for the inconvenience. You can describe your complaint via the contact form or send an email to info@Customtravels.co.uk